Community Addiction and Mental Health Services

get Connected to community addiction and mental health services using AccessMHA: Free mental health and/or substance use/addiction support, services, and care

AccessMHA is a service that provides a single point of entry to Eastern Ontario’s system of care for mental health and addictions. CCH’s Community Addiction and Mental Health Services is a proud partner of AccessMHA.

For access to addiction and mental health services, please:

  1. Fill out a form at
  2. A mental health and addictions professional will work with you to assess your needs and connect you to the right services within our health care network.

Are you experiencing a mental health crisis?

If your substance use/addiction or mental health needs are a medical emergency, or if there is a concern you might hurt yourself or someone else, contact 9-1-1, or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

You can also contact a crisis line:

  • For adults (16+): 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-866-996-0991 (
  • For youth (under 16): 24/7 Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line for Eastern Ontario at 1-877-377-7775 (

community withdrawal management services

For safe and supportive client-centered community withdrawal management services, Cornwall Community Hospital's Community Withdrawal Management Program is here to help at 613-938-8506. These services are for people aged 16 or older needing assistance with withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs.

Cornwall Community Hospital’s Addiction and Mental Health Services offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of individuals within our catchment's area of 75 000 people. 

  • Child and Youth Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Crisis Line/Mobile Crisis Team
  • Withdrawal Management Services
  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Outpatient Mental Health Program
  • Geriatric Mental Health Services
  • First Episode Psychosis Program 
  • The Assertive Community Treatment Team
  • Addiction Services

Mental Health Resources: