As medical laboratory technologist (MLT) and medical laboratory assistants, (MLA), we:

Perform sophisticated laboratory tests that help diagnose and treat disease

Use complex instruments and electronic equipment

Ensure test results are accurate

Work independently but as an essential part of the health care team

Areas of Specialty

There are thousands of different tests that are performed in specialty areas of the medical laboratory:

Clinical Chemistry:

Conducts tests on blood and body fluid to detect chemicals, hormones and/or drugs.

Common Test: Blood Glucose (blood sugar) to diagnose and monitor diabetes.

Clinical Microbiology:

Conducts tests on blood, body fluid and/or tissue samples to detect bacteria, fungi, and/or parasites.

Common Test: Throat swab to detect strep throat.


Conducts tests to measure blood cells and to detect diseases/disorders of the blood.

Common Test: Hemoglobin Test to detect anemia.

Transfusion Science:

Conducts blood typing and blood compatibility tests.

Common Test: Cross-matching for blood transfusions.


Prepares samples of body tissue for tests to detect disease.

Common Test: Biopsy of a breast lump.

Diagnostic Cytology:

Conducts tests on cells taken from the body to detect cancer.

Common Test: Pap test to detect cervical cancer.