Coming to the Hospital

During the COVID-19 Pandemic...

Visitor restrictions: 

Family presence when at the hospital is important to a patient's good health. For the safety of our staff and patients, everyone entering the building is screened for COVID-19 symptoms and asked to wear a mask. As we continue to work through our visitation policy, please know the following is in place in the meantime:

  •  One (1) partner is welcome to accompany labouring moms (a meal tray will be provided for mom-to-be and partner). Unfortunately, other children (as visitors) cannot be accommodated
  • Two (2) Compassionate visitors per patient per day under exceptional circumstances. Determined on a case by case basis by the care team

Virtual Family Visits

Using Your Own Device:
With visiting restrictions in effect, we encourage families to reach out to their loved ones who are staying at the hospital, by using their own device for a virtual visit.

Using a CCH device:
If your loved one at the hospital does not have access to a device like a tablet or a smart phone, Cornwall Hospital can help by lending a hospital owned tablet to facilitate a virtual visit!

What you need for a Virtual Family Visit:
• A valid email address
• A computer/tablet or phone with a camera and microphone
• The Zoom App

A request to set up a virtual visit can be made by emailing or by calling 613-938-4240 ext: 4740 and is available between the hours of 8h00 and 16h00 7 days a week. Information like the patient’s room number/name and time of desired visit are helpful details to include when communicating.