Diabetes Education Clinic

The Diabetes Education Clinic, located on the third floor at Cornwall Community Hospital, provides specialized bilingual outpatient care to patients and families living with Diabetes. The diabetes clinic serves children and adults living with:

  • Type 1 diabetes (all ages in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
  • Type 2 diabetes (adults only)
  • Gestational Diabetes (no pre-existing diabetes)

Our Diabetes Education Team is comprised of six Diabetes Educators, including three Registered Dietitians and three Registered Nurses. Our Specialist Team consists of one Endocrinologist, one Internist and one Nurse Practitioner. The two teams work independently and in conjunction with each other to provide best practice Diabetes care. Patient appointments are offered in-person, individually, and in a group setting, as well as virtual, to help increase access to care for all patients.