Dietary and Nutritional Services

CCH Registered Dietitians provide high quality evidence-based nutrition therapy and education for admitted patients. Working with members of the interdisciplinary team, they create nutrition care plans for patients based on their acuity and medical conditions. They use physical-based assessment to screen, treat and manage patient at risk of malnutrition and malnourished patients, as well as aiding wound management from a nutritional aspect. Dietitians are also trained and help support staff in the management of enteral and parenteral nutrition support.

CCH Registered Dietitians also provide expertise in the areas of nutrition and promote self management of various health conditions to improve overall patient health for inpatients and in various outpatient clinics at the hospital, including the Diabetes Education Clinic and the Hemodialysis Clinic, for example. This is achieved through counselling/education, as applicable, with a focus on both disease prevention and management. Dietitians work with patients to create realistic nutritional goals to promote overall better lifestyle changes.