Women and Children's Health (WCH)

 During these challenging times...


We want to help you prepare for the delivery of your baby at Cornwall Community Hospital with the following additional information. Safe protocols have been put in place to protect yourself, your baby and our staff.

  • When coming to the hospital (for labour, or any examination during your pregnancy), please call ahead (613-938-4240 ext: 2252 or 2251) if you have travelled internationally within the last 14 days, are experiencing respiratory symptoms, a cough, fever and/or diarrhea
  • For a scheduled c-section, please call (same numbers as above) the day prior to your procedure to complete your perioperative interview.
  • Visiting is currently restricted. Only 1 person will be permitted to accompany you during labour. No other visitor including children are permitted at this time.
  • This same 1 person must be without symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty breathing and/or diarrhea and has not travelled internationally in the past 14 days.
  • Access will be restricted to your room only, but in and out privilages may be granted for exceptional circumstances. No access to the department, other areas of the hospital. Smoking outside is not permitted at this time.
  • Preparing to come to the hospital should include some non-perishable food items for you and your partner. The hospital cafeteria is currently closed to patients/visitors. A meal tray will be provided to you and your partner.
  • If a WinRho injection is required, please go to the registration desk and they will provide you with instructions/directions. 
  • Be sure to stay healthy by practicing good hand hygiene and following social distancing/isolation recommendations.
  • Current moderate visitation restrictions allow for 2 essential visitors to visit you during your stay following labour (only 1 is allowed to visit per day and only during one timeslot). Find more information at www.cornwallhospital.ca/en/VisitingHours. 
We ask that you be respectful of these additional precautions. They are in place to keep you, your baby and our staff safe. Please feel free to communicate with Jackie Girard, Manager of the Women and Children’s Health Department at 613-938-4240 ext: 2215




Thank you for choosing Cornwall Community Hospital’s Labour and Delivery suite for the birth of your baby. We provide quality-family centered maternity and newborn care that is respectful of individual choices, cultures and customs. We recognize that birth is a natural process and a special event in life. To make the birth of your new family member the best experience possible we would like to share with you our guidelines. In keeping with the privacy, respect and safety of the labouring families we ask for your cooperation with the following:

  • Two support people permitted at the labouring mother’s bedside
  • Two others may wait in the area across from the elevators
  • To enter the Birthing Suite please use the doorbell / intercom system at the door – please be patient.

At Cornwall Community Hospital we are committed to the security of our “youngest” patients and we have a newborn security procedure in place. At birth, 2 identification bracelets will be placed on your baby. The mother and the identified support person will also receive a bracelet with the same number and information printed on it. If mother and baby are separated, the bracelets should be checked when they are reunited. Please do not be offended if you are asked to show your ID bracelets; this is to protect you and your baby.

Help us to protect your baby for the duration of your stay by following these security measures:

  • Never give your child to anyone without checking their hospital identification badge.
  • If you must leave the unit please inform your child’s nurse so we can ensure your child’s safety.
  • Keep the door to your room closed whenever possible.
  • Keep identification bands on you and your child until you arrive home.
  • Never take your child off the Women’s and Children's Unit without checking with your nurse.

For more information, please see our information booklet here