CCH Stroke Program

Cornwall Community Hospital is a District Stroke Center in the Champlain Regional Stroke Network

As a District Stroke Centre, Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is responsible for the leadership, development, implementation and coordination of local stroke care in the East Champlain Region. 

CCH works to improve care and support for local stroke patients throughout their health care journey—from the first symptoms of stroke through the transition from Emergency Medical Services to hospital care and from rehabilitation to follow up with primary care physicians to prevent complications and second strokes. 

The Stroke Program at CCH provides a continuum of services that includes:

  • Stroke Prevention Clinic (SPC) - An outpatient clinic located on Level 3 at CCH, supported by a Registered Nurse and a Stroke Neurologist who focus on the prevention of secondary strokes (a relapse for individuals who have previously suffered from a stroke). 
  • Acute Stroke Unit - Located on Level 2 at CCH, the Acute Stroke Unit houses 10 designated beds for patients with a confirmed stroke diagnosis requiring hospital admission. The unit is staffed by a specially-trained multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and others, who will work with stroke patients and their families to determine the next steps for recovery.
  • Tele-stroke Consultation: The tele-stroke unit is set up in Emergency Department and is ready for a consultation with a Neurologist (a doctor who specializes in stroke). When the patient comes to the Emergency Department for the consultation, CT pictures are uploaded so the Neurologist may see the clot and discuss whether the patient is eligible for "clot-busting" medicine as well as Endovascular Therapy, a procedure to remove the clot.

Signs of a Stroke

Stroke is a medical emergency and time is critical when treating a stroke—waiting too long before intervention arrives can lead to a high likelihood for brain cell damage or even death. That is why if you suspect that you or someone is suffering from a stroke, remember to act F.A.S.T! 

fast signs